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Fleetwood Business Block Party and Open house o...

The stage was set by Fleetwood Beverage and Fleetwood Auto Parts for what was to be and exciting day in the little community of Fleetwood, Pa. This photo shoot has been on of the most exciting and enjoyable events I've done to date! The sun was shining and the fun was flowing over. The sights and sounds of people and hot Rod filled the air. A band playing in the back ground added to the ambiance as well as the rumble and alcohol smell from the race cars. This was also the first time; as far as we know; that a member of the Amish Mafia rolled into the little town of Fleetwood to pay Fleetwood Auto parts a visit. Jolin Zimmerman stopped by and thank God it wasn't because there was a debt to be settled. Jolin would probably send the little man if there was. Jolin and his crew were very gracious and fun to hang out with. Sami Jo also graced us with her presence as she helped to promote Fleetwood Beverage. She's a very down to earth young lady. One couldn't ask for a better day! I would like to take this time to thank all of the Fleetwood AUTO Parts crew for welcoming me with open arms and friendship and allowing me to join in for such a great event and on such a beautiful day as well. It was great to spend the day with you all; Fleetwood Beverage, Fleetwood Auto Parts, and the Simmeria; and a special thank you once again to Courtney for taking my photo with Jolin. I owe you one!
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