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FVFC 100th anniversary Celebration 2014

It was a beautiful afternoon in the little town of Fleetwood but a major event was about to make this afternoon even more special. The stage was set for the afternoons events and the air was about to fill with excitement beyond your wildest dreams. You see; this is because the Fleetwood Fire Co. was in the process of getting ready to celebrate a 100 years of service to our great little community of Fleetwood. Everything was on schedule and a parade of our trucks and a mass of other fire company that came to join in on the celebration. It was not only a sight to see but a big celebration of awards, food, fireman, water, and an excited crowed of on lookers anticipating the parade of the brave men and women who risk their live to protect and save many others. After the parade and formalities were completed the atmosphere change drastically when the other fire companies went to return to their bases. The sound of sirens and cheering filled the air in recognition of this great accomplishment of the Fleetwood Fire Co. What a great afternoon and a beautiful day for the Fleetwood Fire Co. and everyone who attended. Congratulations on a 100 years of service and thank you so much and God bless you always to all you brave men and women!
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